What to expect here at SGN:
Every day our member count increases as new people join this site. Many of these people don’t fully know what to expect when they sign up and become members. In this post, we hope to explain what this site is and what people can expect here.

For many, probably most, the initial draw of this site is the chance to buy, sell, and trade, but this isn’t exactly in keeping with what we hope this site will ultimately be for our members. Certainly, all of that is important in the function of this site as it presents opportunities to meet other members off of the board and form friendships, but we would hope that people would find this place to be a home for them. A place that they can be themselves, relax, and bullshit with friends; even a place that members can find support in times of need. This is not a place to come and make a profit, that is not what we’re about, and if that is your one and only interest in this site, you may be better suited going elsewhere.

We’re a relaxed forum with moderators that would prefer to let people talk and do as they want, but we would encourage people to keep in mind that this is an open forum that can be viewed by anyone, and that what is said is directly reflected upon the board as a whole. For that reason it may at times be necessary for a moderator to step in and speak to a member or two about what we wouldn’t like to see on this site. A general rule of thumb, if it’s something you’d worry could be brought against you in a court of law, don’t say it.

It’d be silly to expect everyone to get along all of the time; however, one could hope that all of us, as adults, can set aside our differences, work things out, and come together to create a stronger community with a common interest. We expect our members to police themselves to an extent; this does not mean dogpile on someone and run them out of town, but instead courteously explain to someone how they are out of line. There is a time and place for brusqueness and swearing and there are times for tact. Treat people like they’re your buddies, feel free to slug them in the shoulder and tell them that their sister isn’t half as good in bed as they promised, but don’t come up and slap them in the face and tell them that they’re an idiot for not catching their dog before it ran onto the freeway.


Rules for Buying and Selling:
These rules are subject to change as needed. Members are advised to follow all state and federal laws when selling firearms and related items. Seattle Guns LLC is not responsible for any members who conduct illegal activity, if such illegal activity is noticed, said member will be removed from Seattleguns.net and activity will be reported if necessary. It is also advised when selling a firearm to check all forms of I.D. that are relevant to the legal sale of firearms, such as ID, CPL, WAC, etc. We reserve the right to remove any post at any time! Failure to follow the rules can result in anything ranging from a friendly PM, to deletion of your post or thread, an official board warning, a temporary ban, and even a permanent ban.

Rules For Selling and Trading

1) THREAD TITLES: Post either WTS (Want-to-Sell) or WTT(Want-to-Trade) and the name of the item in all titles.
2) PRICE: If you are selling your item, you must post a price somewhere within your original post. For example, $500 or best offer. Auctions are not allowed.
3) SOLD: If your item sells or gets traded, or you no longer want to sell the item, edit the original post title to say SOLD and bump it back to the top of the page.
4) PICTURES: Please post pictures. If not able to post, state so in original thread. Please see below for an easy to follow picture posting tutorial.
5) LOCATION: Please post your location in your original post, if it is not in your profile.
6) INFORMATION: Put as much details and information about item into original post as possible. This solves lots of questions down the road.
7) BUMP: DO NOT BUMP your ad more than once every 48 hours Do not post "PM'S REPLIED TO" , "BUMPED FOR PICTURES" or "BUMP FOR CASH PRICE NOW" prior to the 48 hour minimum time limit. ADDED TO BE VERY, VERY CLEAR: 48 hours does not mean counting two days on your wall calendar. 48 hours means 48 hours, or two FULL days. "Bumping" is the action of replying to your ad which in turn "bumps" it to the top of the list.
8) PAPERWORK: Please remember to include all buyer requirements such as CPL, WAC CARD, DL, etc if applicable.
9) DEALER SALES: If you are a dealer please include that info in your ad as well. Specify whether sales tax is additional or whether it is included in your asking price. Also specify any required paperwork such as 4473s that the buyer will be required to complete.
10) COUNTERFEIT ITEMS: Selling of counterfeit items is not allowed. Counterfeit items are those with a manufacturer's logo or name on them, but not made by that manufacturer. For example, a fake Aimpoint that says "Aimpoint" on it cannot be sold here; this does not include Aimpoint clones that are made and marketed under a different manufacturer's name.

Unfortunately there are some members who are unscrupulous in the methods they use to get their item to the top, so we have to have Selling Rule #7 be very detailed. Please be adults about this and do not make us delete your ad.

Rules For Buying and Browsing

1) OFFERS: Threads are not to be used for offers. Send offers in PMs. This includes both offers to purchase and offers to trade.
2) PRICE BASHING: PM the seller if you disagree with his price. DO NOT post disagreements in the thread.
3) PICTURES: If the seller does not provide pictures in the ad, do not post in the thread asking for them. If need be, send them a PM.

Info about PM's When you send a PM to someone the PM stays in your Outbox until the recipient reads it. Only then does it move to your Sent box. There is nothing wrong with your PM's.

A Guide To Successful Sales on SGN

This is a simple guide to help you place your for sale ad in such a way as to get the most views and therefore increase your potential for a sale.

1) Description: The description is probably the most important aspect of a proper sale ad. When describing the gun for sale please make sure to include the make, model, color and caliber. While some people may know the specs on a gun there are others who don't. Also be sure to include the condition. By condition we are referring to actual wear spots, scratches, dings, etc. Using a term like 70% is not an accurate description of condition as peoples idea's of condition vary.

2) Details: Details such as ammo, holsters, cases, extra mags, etc. that are to be included in the sale.

3) Pictures: While pictures are not required here at SGN we strongly recommend posting them in your ad if you have the ability. For those of you who do not know how, you can view the picture posting tutorial below. Pictures increase the views to your ad and pique a buyers interest immediately. This also prevents added questions about finish, appearance, size, etc.

4) Contact info: Always remember to include your preferred form of contact whether PM, phone number or e-mail. If your location is not in your profile please remember to include it in the contact info. Including all of this info helps to inform people of when, where and how to contact you and will eliminate added questions.

5) Requirements: Please remember to include all buyer requirements such as CPL, WAC CARD, DL, etc if applicable.
If you are a dealer please include that info in your ad as well. If tax is in addition or included and any required paperwork.

We here at SGN strive to make this a fun and friendly environment for you to buy, sell and trade your firearms. Above all we want to make sure that things are done in a safe and legal manner to protect yourself and others. By following this simple guide you will be able to form an informative and quality for sale ad and therefore greatly increase your chance of a sale with minimal difficulty or confusion.


Picture Posting Tutorial:

Step 1 - Go to http://www.photobucket.com
Step 2 - Sign up. It's simple and FREE.
Step 3 - Fill in your info and click log in. (SEE RED BOX)

Step 4 - Make sure "My computer" is checked. (It's the default) Then click the "Upload pictures and video's" button (SEE RED BOX)

Step 5 - A window will pop up asking you which pictures you would like to upload. You need to navigate to where you have your pic's. (Desktop, My Pictures, Etc.) (SEE RED BOX)

Step 6 - Once you find and choose which pic's to upload click "Open" (SEE RED BOX) your images will begin to upload to photobucket.

Step 7 - Once the uploads are complete you will see the following screen. At this point you can add titles or just click "Return to album"

Step 8 - After you click "return to album" as mentioned in the previous step you will see the following screen with your newly uploaded pic's.

Step 9 - Now to post your image to SGN, move your cursor over the image you want to post and a small window will show up under it.

Step 9a - Left mouse click the bottom option "IMG CODE" (SEE RED ARROW) it should turn black. When it turns black, right mouse click. A small window will come up. Select "copy" (SEE FOLLOWING IMAGE)

Step 10 - Once inside your post on SGN (Where you normaly post) Right mouse click after all your text and select "paste" You will then see a line of code similar to this: img.photobucket.com/albums/v343/1low64/understamped.jpg

Step 11 - Repeat steps 9-10 for additional pic's. When you have copied all the image codes to your post click "Preview" this will show you what your post will look like pic's included. If everything looks good, click "Submit"

That's it. Quick, simple and VERY important for selling items![/b]


How to Close your Thread

When your item sells, or you find the item you are looking for, you should have your ad removed from the classifieds area. This helps keep the board free of clutter and helps your fellow SGN'ers know which items are still available.

To have your Classified Ad removed, please do the following:

1) Please edit your ad to say Sold, SPF or something of the sort.

2) While viewing the ad you would like to close please click on the "administrative" menu just above your ad slightly to the right. Select "close thread" and click the "proceed" button.


Where did my thread/post go?
The Moderators receive a lot of PM's and posts regarding that very question on a daily basis. Below, you will find a handy guide that will probably answer your question of "Where did my post / thread go"?

Thread gone? This section is for you! One, or more, of the items below may pertain to your thread.
1) Age of the thread?: The moderators remove any classified ad that has NOT had a post in the last 30+ days. If it's an old thread and it has been a while since you bumped it or somebody else posted on it, there is a good chance it has been removed. Don't fret though!! The thread can be revived by contacting a moderator.
2) Wrong topic?: People make mistakes.. Sometimes we all post up our wares in the wrong sections. One of the mods may have moved it for you. Please check the other sections, or click "view your posts" below the SGN logo.
3) Sold / Pending etc?: To keep the board clutter free, the mods remove any and all threads that are "pending" or "sold". If the deal doesn't go through, don't fret! The thread can be revived by contacting a moderator.
4) You F'ed up?: Continuously bumping your ad, disregard for our very few rules, duplicate topic, or posting illegal items are just a few reasons why a moderator may remove a thread. Usually, the poster will be contacted via private message from one of our moderators explaining why your thread was removed, and possibly including further, personalized instructions.
5) Catch All: The Mods are here to moderate this site. They may have, at their discretion, removed your thread. If your thread is gone, and none of the above items pertain to you, then this is probably the case. Please contact a Moderator to see why you received special treatment.

Post gone? This section is for you! One, or more, of the items below may pertain to your post.
1) You F'ed up?: Continuously bumping your ad, disregard for our very few rules, or posting illegal items are just a few reasons why a moderator may remove a post. Sometimes, you will get a private message explaining the fact, sometimes not. Please take the hint... If your post was removed, do NOT put it back up.
2) Off topic?: Sometimes classified threads stray from the original intent of the ad. There can be some communication, arguments, or just plain off topic discussion hindering the OP's ability to have his/her ad read seriously. The mods will, at the mods discretion, clean up some threads from time to time. Please take the hint... If your post was removed, do NOT put it back up.
3) You F'ed up, part Deux?: Thread crapping, lowballing and offering in threads. Don't do it... This will not only get your post removed, but will also get you a private message from one of the mods.
4) Catch All: The Mods are here to moderate this site. They may have, at their discretion, removed your post. If your post is gone, and none of the above items pertain to you, then this is probably the case. Please contact a Moderator to see why you received special treatment.

Feedback System Explained:

As most of you have probably noticed, we have a new feedback system that was just implemented. Of course with any change to the site there are many questions. I'm going to try and explain the system and address a couple of common questions. If anyone has any other questions, please feel free to ask in this thread.

Let's start off with the basics:

How do I use the new feedback system?

Step One:Now, instead of a section where we leave feedback and wait for the MODS to come through and update that person's feedback count, you can simply click on the name of the person you wish to leave feedback for. Under their name you will see a line that says feedback. Next to this you will see a number representing the number of transactions this person has taken place in, as well as a percentage telling you how many of the transactions have been positive. Click on these numbers.

Step Two:This will take you to another screen. In the center of this screen you will see a box that says Add Feedback. Click on this box.

Step Three:You will be redirected to another screen. On this screen you will find a row that says Role: buyer, seller, trade. Choose the one that was appropriate for the transaction that took place between you and the member you're leaving feedback for. Example: If you purchased a case of ammo from this person you would choose seller

The next row will say Feedback: Negative, Neutral, Positive. Choose the option that you feel would best describe your transaction with this person. Example: If you had a gun for sale and a buyer contacts you and sets up a date and time, but never shows up to your meeting place or contacts you to let you know that he can't make it, choose Negative. If leaving a negative, be sure you have the pm's or emails to back it up, likely you will also get a negative. The mods cannot help you if you cant prove your negative was justified, it is very important to save the details of the deal in question.

The box below these two columns will give you a chance to add details about your transaction as well as your feelings about it. Please put a little information in this box.

After you have filled this out click on the box that says Add Feedback

Congratulations, you have now left feedback for this person.
__________________________________________________ _______________________
I have just received an email telling me that someone added feedback for me, what's going on?

With this new system you will receive a message every time someone leaves feedback for you. This will help to remind everyone to leave feedback for each other.

While we were implementing this system you will all have received messages telling you that we left you feedback. This is not new feedback for you, but simply a confirmation of the transfer of the feedback you already had. Please, do not post feedback for us or contact us asking us why you have been given feedback.
__________________________________________________ _______________________
Why is feedback displayed under everybody's name when they make a post?

This is a quick reference tool to help people decide right away if they wish to buy or sell with someone. If someone has an item up for sale that you're interested in, you can simply look to the right side of the screen and see what other people's experiences have been like when dealing with this person. If this person has a number of transactions and a high positive percentage rating, they're probably safe to deal with. It's a tool simply for everyone's convenience.


Thank you from the SGN staff.