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Thread: any comic book gurus out there??

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    any comic book gurus out there??

    I recently went to a sotrage locker auction and won a locker that had a bunch of unopened/unread comic books from the early to mid 90's along with a bunch of other crap. There are no local hobby shops around my house, and I couldnt find any info on other websites in regards to pricing.

    How does the number system work up in the left corner of the comic?
    Is there a specific character that is more desireable than others?
    Was there any real collectibe series during this time period?
    Is there a comic book price guide similar to the Beckett magazine for sports cards?

    Here are a few pics of some of them... if anyone has any info, it would be greatly appreciated tiphatt

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    Re: any comic book gurus out there??

    Not a sure fire way to check value but you can look up the titles on Ebay.

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