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Thread: Opie Does King

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    Opie Does King ... ie-update/

    Ron Howard is doing a film of Stephen King's the Dark Tower.

    This should be interesting, considering how strange the book was. Javier Bardem would be a great Roland, if rumors are true. I would have though someone like Sam Raimi would be a better director, but we'll see.

    I don't know how many of you guys have read the books, but I think the series is one of King's best. The series goes a little stale by the last couple books, but the first three are great.

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    Re: Opie Does King

    I read the first three. First two were good, the third was losing pace, and by that time King had lost interest in writing the books and I'd lost interest in reading them. Taking over 20 years to finish a series is just a big "F-U" to the readers. So I never read past the third book.

    I did however, just get the Dark Tower audio books recently, from a source that guarantees that King won't see a dime from me listening to them (call it a 'second hand store') , so I feel ok with finally getting the series finished that way.

    I'd be interested to see how a film project works out. one movie? seven movies? three? There's so many genres mixed into this series that it would be a very chancy undertaking to plan on a series of films to tell the whole story.

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