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Thread: Rules for buying and selling on

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    Rules for buying and selling on

    These rules are subject to change as needed. We reserve the right to remove any post at any time! Failure to follow the rules can result in anything ranging from a friendly PM, to deletion of your post or thread, an official board warning, a temporary ban, and even a permanent ban.

    Rules For Selling and Trading

    1) THREAD TITLES: Post either WTS (Want-to-Sell) or WTT(Want-to-Trade) and the name of the item in all titles.
    2) PRICE: If you are selling your item, you must post a price somewhere within your original post. For example, $500 or best offer. Auctions are not allowed.
    3) SOLD: If your item sells or gets traded, or you decide to no longer sell item, edit the original post title to say SOLD and bump it back to the top of the page.
    4) PICTURES: Please post pictures. If not able to post, state so in original thread. Here is a handy picture posting tutorial.
    5) LOCATION: Please post your location in your original post, if it is not in your profile.
    6) INFORMATION: Put as much details and information about item into original post as possible. This solves lots of questions down the road.
    7) BUMP: DO NOT BUMP your ad more than once every 72 hours unless there has been a price reduction of at least $25 on items priced at $1000 or less, and $50 on items priced above $1000. Your original post must maintain the original price as well as the reduced price. Do not post "PM'S REPLIED TO" or "BUMPED FOR PICTURES" prior to the 72 hour minimum time limit.
    ADDED TO BE VERY, VERY CLEAR: 72 hours does not mean counting three days on your wall calendar. 72 hours means 72 hours, or three FULL days.

    8) PAPERWORK: Please remember to include all buyer requirements such as CPL, WAC CARD, DL, etc if applicable.
    9) DEALER SALES: If you are a dealer please include that info in your ad as well. Specify whether sales tax is additional or whether it is included in your asking price. Also specify any required paperwork such as 4473s that the buyer will be required to complete.
    10) COUNTERFEIT ITEMS: Selling of counterfeit items is not allowed. Counterfeit items are those with a manufacturer's logo or name on them, but not made by that manufacturer. For example, a fake Aimpoint that says "Aimpoint" on it cannot be sold here; this does not include Aimpoint clones that are made and marketed under a different manufacturer's name.

    Unfortunately there are some members who are unscrupulous in the methods they use to get their item to the top, so we have to have Selling Rule #7 be very detailed. Please be adults about this and do not make us delete your ad.

    Rules For Buying and Browsing

    1) OFFERS: Threads are not to be used for offers. Send offers in PMs. This includes both offers to purchase and offers to trade.
    2) PRICE BASHING: PM the seller if you disagree with his price. DO NOT post disagreements in the thread.
    3) PICTURES: If the seller does not provide pictures in the ad, do not post in the thread asking for them. If need be, send them a PM.

    Feedback System
    After completing a transaction with a member it is customary to leave feedback for them. An in depth explanation of how this works can be found here
    Read this before you PM me:

    DO NOT PM me asking why you can't post an ad unless you are already a GOLD or PLATINUM member. If you haven't paid for a membership, you can't post ads.

    Really, that's all I ask. Thank you.

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    Re: Rules for buying and selling on

    Bump . . . the rules above have been edited. Everyone, please take a moment to read them. Thank you. tiphatt

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