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Thread: Ski or Snowboard?

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    Ski or Snowboard?

    So this year I'm going to do the "snow thing" for the first time in my life. I've never got on a pair of skis or a snowboard in my life. So now I have a decision to make--ski or snowboard?

    The only issue is I have fairly bad shoulders (3 surgeries due to multiple dislocations).

    I want to snowboard. My sister snowboards and loves it, and I like the gear. People tell me that snowboard is a lot tougher than skiing, but they also tell me that once you pick it up, it is pretty easy. Also, people tell me I'm at advantage of starting new, whereas it is harder for people who have ski'd all their lives to switch to snowboard. I'm fairly coordinated and athletic, but I do worry about the severity of the falls due to my shoulders.

    Any suggestions? Ski or board??

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    Re: Ski or Snowboard?

    Tip: If you go skiing, If you are doing about 30MPH, Do Not, Do Not, Cross your tips............Broken nose and ripped shoulders will occur. jasonz Somebody I know did this.....and they shall remain nameless.......... ks

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    Re: Ski or Snowboard?

    How big/tall are you? I have both skies and a board you can borrow. Best thing is to ski/board several times and see which one you enjoy the most.

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    Re: Ski or Snowboard?


    Tips: Stay off the flats of your feet (apply more weight to your toes or heels). Don't lean back (go a little weight forward). Until you get the hang of it, you should be constantly slightly turning. Learn to link your turns and everything else is gravy... Have fun!

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    Re: Ski or Snowboard?

    If you have bad shoulders I would suggest ski's. On a board your movement is slightly more limited to brace for impact.

    Honestly, you should take some lessons. If you are easily injured, don't take a manly approach, get some help and go from there. You can try both skis and board and make a decision from there.

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    Re: Ski or Snowboard?

    Quote Originally Posted by massivedesign
    .... you should take some lessons. If you are easily injured, don't take a manly approach, get some help and go from there. You can try both skis and board and make a decision from there.
    What he said. To add to that, skiing is WAY more versatile than boarding in terms of overall mobility, however if all you intend to do is ski on-piste then knuckle dragging might make a better choice for you stickpoke . At the end of the day the gear is not cheap so take your time making the decision and remember to have a good time.

    Oh ya, and wear a G.D. HELMET!

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    Re: Ski or Snowboard?

    just learn how to ski. Both your feet stuck to the same object, and not independant of each other is no way to go down a mountain!

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    Re: Ski or Snowboard?

    Lots of biases...

    Do know that Snoqualmie has a ski/snowboard package with lessons and limited lift tickets for $99.

    You get 3 lessons, lift tickets and gear rental for $99. I did that a few times in the last few years for snow boarding.

    If you think you will fall - snowboarding. You are meant to fall or sit. It's part of the sport.

    If you don't plan to fall... then skiing.

    Skiiing is more gear heavy but snowboarding can be up there too. I would suggest you try out both and see for yourself. I think the package lets you mix? I think... Do know it's been several years since I did them and I'm limited at work to look it up...

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    Re: Ski or Snowboard?

    I say snowboarding, but that may be because I have a bit of a bias. It wasn't that difficult for me to pick up. I'm not sure how your injury will play into which one you choose though. Sliding down a mountain at a relatively high speed and falling can contort your body in all sorts of ways. My worst injury resulted from catching an edge, falling down face-forward, and having my legs come up behind me and my board bite the back of my head. I wasn't wearing a helmet either and had to get stitches. I definitely recommend getting a good helmet.

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    Re: Ski or Snowboard?

    Which ever you choose get a helmet.
    That's the most important.

    As far a which to do? I can't help ya. I've only ever snowboarded. This season will be my 16th of it.
    once you get the hang of it you'll really enjoy yourself.
    also drinking and ski/boarding don't mix.

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