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Thread: To all Military people this is a poll

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    Re: To all Military people this is a poll

    A couple points on this. One, military members can be guilty of this stuff to just like civilians. I see it alot in younger soldiers and soldiers new to the military, and that is wearing dog tags out in the open, wearing uniform to public places (acu's,dress blues, class A's Etc) and that is one of the gayest and IMHO very concieted things to do. EXCEPTION being coming from funeral or JUST getting off work and trying to grab something to eat before heading home (military late nights) or on a lunch break! beyond that i really cant see an excuse for going around trying to flash the fact your in the military, dont get me wrong im a very proud service member and vet, but service members doing that to me unless for the above described reasons is just trying to say "Im in the military you owe me something or some kind of discount or special treatment" Im sure my opinion will not be liked by alot of ppl, but ive been around the Army for awhile and have seen it all so i really know what young soldiers are trying to pull when there wearing the dog tags flapping out of there shirt to the mall with combat boots under jeans, or wearing ACU's on a saturday afternoon to the movies.

    Number two...There are other ways for civilians to show there support besides wearing a half assed uniform, If your going to wear it than wear it the right way. If i see a civilian that gives off the vibe he might be enlisted, and hes wearing unbloused ACU pants, desert tan combat boots and some civilian top. I might get the wrong impression and assume hes just an off duty soldier and you can bet your ass being a NCO i will say something to him about it, so i do believe that is disrespectful to wear a uniform half assed no matter if the intention is good or not. There is history behind every uniform we wear (i wouldnt go so far as to say theres one for ACU's because frankly they suck) and a reason that theskill identifying badges are worn at precisely the angle/measurement/ etc they are, theres a history and reason behind every patch and none of that should be made a mockery of. So either were the uniform right or dont wear it at all! Or better yet if your off duty or a civilian, show your pride in the military and your country another way. This is just my .02 though
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    To all Military people this is a poll

    I just think the people that wear the old green camo are either mentally retarded, chimo, homeless, or can't throw a matching outfit together.

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    Re: To all Military people this is a poll

    The military doesn't own the concept of camouflage. When I paintballed everybody wore camo for obvious reasons. Everybody at work who hunts wears some camo from time to time, usually a jacket or a mossy oak hat, but all kinds of patterns show up. When I had a motorcycle, a pair of cheap BDU pants from a surplus store were infinitely more comfortable than jeans for long rides. My dad and grandpa were both in the army and neither of them so much as mentioned anything like this. The guy you met was just a drunk idiot.
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    Re: To all Military people this is a poll

    Pardon my intrusion - I'm non-military.
    My father served, and wore the GI surplus green cotton army coats
    from WWII all his life, around the farm, to and from work, etc.
    It was some of the better gear developed in the day
    and surplused for civi use - reducing its total cost to
    the govt. by selling it used.

    Milsurp is its own "fashion statement."
    "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."
    You have to have owned and worn a Navy P-coat to recognize
    the fakes now; they even sew in a black-on-white generic lable
    to make them look authentic. But the wool is reprocessed, the
    collars are narrow, etc.
    Point is, it isn't the ''look" that is objectionable but the posing
    described in previous replies to Steve's topic.

    I know it's illegal to impersonate someone in public office
    and suppose also to impersonate the military.
    If not, I'll sign the petition.

    The guys taking standby seats by wearing phony uniforms are
    committing fraud and can/should be prosecuted.

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    Re: To all Military people this is a poll

    Ranges, paintball, air soft, hunting etc. frigg'n go for it. At the bar, partial or full uniform, no frigg'n way. Personally I try my damnedest to blend with civillians when I'm off duty. It's not that I don't love my job I'm just humble.

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    Re: To all Military people this is a poll

    I personally don't give a fuck what another guy is wearing.
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    Re: To all Military people this is a poll

    I do wear my uniform "gor-tex" when I go snowshoeing/snow works great and I can't afford good winter clothes.
    I also wear my "boonie" hat from time to time as hiking, fishing, camping...etc
    I would NEVER EVER wear my cammies in a bar...The Corps doesn't allow it. My SgtMaj would have my ass....and you'll just end up looking like some "army guy".

    I always see vets (mostly homeless) wearing their blouse with patches/rank and/or their cover "hat".
    I figured they earned it, so they can do as they please.

    I've seen tons of airsoft gunners, hunters, paint-ballers wearing cammies with tons of high speed gear that I wish I could afford to buy...people wear what they want to wear...but when they claim to be a fellow service member...that's where I draw the line.
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    Re: To all Military people this is a poll

    Quote Originally Posted by steveptr
    So me and a buddy at were at bar in downtown Bothell and there was a random dude wearing army digicamo pants and a Marine told him that it was disrespectful to wear any military uniform out and about. I'd like all military people to please answer this I've talked to many people but never heard anything other than don't wear the patches/badges and or pins and they dont really care. Id just like to hear from you because this Marine was making good and bad points. Please lets make this clear and to the point id like to know so I can support my military to the fullest with out stepping over the line and getting in fight. Thanks yessir yessir yessir
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    Re: To all Military people this is a poll

    i always wear old military woodland camo pants, not Shirts or jackets though.
    I wear em because they are cheap and comfortable.

    just wish my boss would let me wear them while driving the semis, sucks only being able to wear blue or black jeans.
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    To all Military people this is a poll

    Any more?

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