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Thread: Question about insurance adjusters

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    Question about insurance adjusters

    So I was involved in some parking lot CQB with a Soccer-mom. (Vile creature that she is)

    I gave my statement to MY insurance company, and paid my deductable/got my repairs done...but now Soccer-mom is on the offensive trying to dodge ANY percentage of shared liability.

    Am I obligated to return the phone call from HER insurance adjuster? and give a statement to them?

    Thanks all. (please qualify your responses. e.g.: I'm an agent. or I'm a lawyer)

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    Re: Question about insurance adjusters

    I stayed at a holiday inn last night, and yes you do.
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    Re: Question about insurance adjusters

    Im a just a regular guy with no professional insurance experience. If you've already dealt with your insurance then let them handle it, thats why you pay them. Contact your agent or claim handler and let them know that the other insurance company is attempting to contact you directly. The other person's insurance is in the business of not paying you if they dont have too. They wont do you any favors regardless of who was at fault.

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    Re: Question about insurance adjusters

    Honestly...speak to your agent first...might be a simple formality they should tell you the proper say this not that stuff you'll need to know.
    But remember....even your agent may screw you over if It's in their companys best interest...GL....tiphatt
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