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Thread: idea for new members

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    Re: idea for new members

    Quote Originally Posted by Skidoo
    Quote Originally Posted by sagewa
    There is no way to make people read the rules. Instead, since you all love the site, why don't you be proactive and hhelp new members?
    When they mess up, instead of beinf A-holes to them, why not help them?
    I see this all the time and always wonder WTF is with some people.
    Just my .02c
    I agree.

    I bet if I built a forum strictly for grown men to bitch, it would be an immediate success, if it isnt glock price bitching, it's new member bitching or something else DAILY. Maybe I am wrong, but I thought we were all better than that here??? My .02c

    I'm in no way bitching about them, I often send pm's welcoming them to the site and telling them to read the rules I just thought they're might be a way to get them to read the rules and be good contributing members before someone has to bitch at them. If that's not a reasonable thing to do logistically no problem i"ll keep sending the welcome PMs
    Your resident hobo,

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    Re: idea for new members

    I hope no one thinks I was singling anyone out, my post was targeted at the entire board in general, lets stop whining and remember why we are all here. These minor things that are constantly being griped about, have been going on since day one and will continue you to go on, this is why SGN has a staff. Almost everyone one of you have broken a rule here at one point in time, most of you when you were new, so remember that and be patient when others do it and help out instead of bitching. Whining threads on top of dealing with thread cleaning, pointing out rules and etc, just make the mods job even tougher, instead of looking for violators, we then have to constantly check threads to make sure they are not getting out of hand.

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    Re: idea for new members

    Quote Originally Posted by .308Win
    I don't see any serious reason for anybody (except OP authors) to post any comments in "WTS/WTT" sections.
    So, mods sholud just desable this option for convenience.


    Whos convenience? Yours?

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