when new site comes up how about a suppressor section, reviews, tech data, comparisons and price info. I had been getting into the silence is golden game until the current economy bit on the butt but I am optimistic for the future and plan on adding to my collection in the future. My first purchase was a Gemtech G5, I was able to get the shop I bought it from to come down from $1099 to $899 by showing them a competitors price. This told me 2 things about suppressors, do your research and do not buy on impulse unless you can afford to use $100 bills for toilet paper. A single forum where the end users like the people on this site could share their experiences with buying and using the variety of suppressors on the market would be of great value. It may also help to keep some of the retailers a little more reasonable. One local shop in Bellevue which I will not name but it starts with a W and ends in ades had some cans priced above the MSRP on manufacturers websites z .

Remember money saved on your can goes directly into stuff like optics and other cool stuff like utility bills, gotta have your priorities in line ks .