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Thread: SGN acronyms thread.

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    SGN acronyms thread.

    Everyone post to this thread and edit it as a collaborative effort. I'll start:

    AFAIK - As Far As I Know
    AJNTSA - Aww Jeez Not This Shit Again
    AOW - Any Other Weapon (any weapon capable of discharging a shot that is not otherwise categorized under the NFA)
    ARD - Anti-Reflection Device (a device placed on the objective of an optic to reduce reflections and glare)
    AWB - Assault Weapons Ban
    AWOB - Another Waste Of Bandwidth
    BBL - Barrel
    B/C/CH - Bolt, Carrier, Charging Handle (the assembly of parts that cycles rounds into the chamber)
    BCG - Bolt Carrier Group (the bolt, bolt carrier, gas key, cam pin, etc.)
    BDC - Bullet Drop Compensator (a mechanism in a sight to compensate for a bullet's trajectory drop at long distances)
    BDU - Battle Dress Uniform
    BF/Blue Falcon = Buddy fucker
    BFD - Big Fucking Deal
    BOB - Bug Out Bag (a bag filled with the necessities you will need to survive in the event you are forced to flee your home on a moment's notice)
    BOHICA - Bend Over Here It Comes Again
    BOS - Bill Of Sale
    BTT = Back to top
    CC - Concealed Carry
    CCL - Concealed Carry License
    CCP - Concealed Carry Permit
    CCW - Concealed Carry Weapon
    CH - Charging Handle
    CMP - Civilian Marksmanship Program
    COC - Code Of Conduct (the rules governing your use of this site)
    CONUS - Continental United States (the lower 48 states and the District of Columbia, not including Alaska or Hawaii)
    CPL - Concealed Pistol License
    CQB - Close Quarters Battle
    CWP - Concealed Weapons Permit
    CYA - Cover Your Ass
    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
    FDE - Flat Dark Earth
    FFL - Federal Firearms License/Licensee (a license that permits one to sell & transfer guns in interstate commerce, or the holder of that license)
    FH - Flash Hider
    FMJ - Full Metal Jacket (a bullet that is fully encased in a metal jacket)
    FMJBT - Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail (a FMJ BT bullet)
    FNG - Fucking New Guy
    FTE - Fail To Eject/Extract (please substitute the more precise FTEj or FTEx as appropriate to make clear your intention)
    FTEj - Fail To Eject
    FTEx - Fail To Extract
    FTF - Face To Face (an in state trade or sale done in person - interstate commerce of firearms is illegal without an FFL)
    FTF - Fail To Feed (if used without an unambiguous context, this acronym may be confused with "Fail To Fire" as listed below)
    FTF - Fail To Fire (if used without an unambiguous context, this acronym may be confused with "Fail To Feed" as listed above)
    FUBAR - Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition
    FWIW - For What It's Worth
    FYI - For Your Information
    GF = goatfuck
    GP = General Population
    HBAR Heavy Barrel
    HTH - Hope That Helps
    IIRC - If I Recall Correctly
    IM - Instant Message
    IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
    IMNSHO - In My Not So Humble Opinion
    IMO - In My Opinion
    IPSC - International Practical Shooting Confederation (organizes and sponsors shooting competitions emphasizing a combination of accuracy, power, and speed)
    IRL - In Real Life
    JBT - Jack-Booted Thug (derived from the name of the military boot made infamous by the goose-stepping Nazis, now applied in a derogatory manner to mean any repressive, overly authoritarian person)
    JHP - Jacketed Hollow Point (a bullet that is jacketed in metal, but with a hollow cavity at the tip)
    J/K - Just Kidding
    JMO - Just My Opinion
    JSP - Jacketed Soft Point (a bullet that is jacketed in metal, but with exposed lead at the tip )
    KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid
    LE - Law Enforcement
    LEO - Law Enforcement Officer
    LEO - Law Enforcement Only (an item that can legally be used only by law enforcement agencies and their personnel)
    LMAO - Laughing My Ass Off
    LMK - Let Me Know
    LOL - Laugh Out Loud
    LOP - Length Of Pull (the distance from the face of the trigger to the end of the buttstock)
    LPK - Lower Parts Kit
    LULA - Loader/Unloader Accessory
    LW - Lightweight
    MOA = Minute of angle
    NBD - No Big Deal
    NFA - National Firearms Act (of 1934 - the law governing machine guns, sawed off shotguns, short barreled weapons, suppressors, etc.)
    NFW - No Fucking Way
    NIB - New In Box (a gun that is still in the original box, unfired after it left the factory)
    NICS - National Instant Criminal Background Check System
    NIW - New In Wrapper
    NM - Never Mind
    NOOB - Newbie (one who is new to a topic and doesn't have much knowledge of it)
    NSFW - Not Safe For Work
    NVD - Night Vision Device
    NWS = Not Work Safe
    OAL - Overall Length
    OBO - Or Best Offer
    OD - Olive Drab (that green color the army is so fond of)
    OFS - Out Fucking Standing
    OJT - On the Job Training
    OP = Original poster
    PM - Private Message
    POS - Pile or Piece Of Shit
    QD - Quick Detach
    RAS - Rail Adapter System
    RIS - Rail Interface System
    RKBA - Right to Keep and Bear Arms
    ROTFLMAO - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
    RTFM - Read The Fucking Manual
    S/N - Serial Number
    SBR - Short-Barreled Rifle (a rifle whose barrel is less than 16" long as defined by the NFA)
    SGN = SeattleGuns.NET
    SHTF - Shit Hits The Fan
    SNAFU - Situation Normal: All Fucked Up
    SOB - Son Of a Bitch
    SP - Soft Point
    SPF - Sold Pending Funds
    SPR - Special Purpose Rifle (18" free floating match barrel upper)
    SS - Stainless Steel
    TARFU - Things Are Really Fucked Up
    TANSTAAFL - There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
    TTT - To The Top
    USGI - United States Government Issue
    USMC - United States Marine Corps
    VFG - Vertical Fore/Forward/Front Grip
    WAC = Washington Arms Collectors
    WADL - Washington Drivers License
    WAG - Wild Ass Guess
    WSSM - Winchester Super Short Magnum
    WTB - Want(ed) To Buy
    WTF - What The F**k
    WTK - Want(ed) To Know
    WTS - Want(ed) To Sell
    WTT - Want(ed) To Trade
    WWB - Winchester White Box
    YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary
    "There's two things in life you can't take back... Bullets and words. So make sure you hit what you aim at and make sure you mean what you say."

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    SWAG - Scientific Wild Ass Guess (An educated WAG - <Wild Ass Guess> done by someone who has seen the shit before)
    Looking for....
    .50AE mags for Desert Eagle
    .410 shotgun chambered in 3". Either an auto or an O/U for hunting.

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    FOAD fuck off and die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tool-Man View Post
    SWAG - Scientific Wild Ass Guess (An educated WAG - <Wild Ass Guess> done by someone who has seen the shit before)
    AKA: SWAG = Stuff We All Get

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    Re: SGN acronyms thread.

    IIWDFWI-if it works don't fuck with it
    " A golf course is a terrible waste of a perfectly good rifle range" (LTC Dave Grossman)

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    Re: SGN acronyms thread.

    You forgot another one TA:

    Somebody buy this shit, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!--->>>

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    Re: SGN acronyms thread.

    BFG = Big Fucking Gun
    BUFF = Big Ugly Flying Fucker
    CF = Charlie Foxtrot = Cluster Fuck
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    "Heavy is good. Heavy is reliable. If it doesn't work you can always hit him with it."

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    Re: SGN acronyms thread.

    WWIB=Who Wore It Best
    HMFICOWH=Head Mother Fucker In Charge Of What's Happening

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    Re: SGN acronyms thread.


    Garbage in, garbage out.

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    Re: SGN acronyms thread.

    TA = Tits 'n Ass
    45 + rating, so between that and my CPL, you can't trust me, thanks to I-594! Thanks WA state.

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