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Thread: What is Friends? We have a Reputation System?

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    What is Friends? We have a Reputation System?

    What the heck is the purpose of the Friends thing?
    The FAQ says how to sign up for it, but not what it does.

    Also, the software has a Reputation feature built in...can we turn it on? Please?
    Pretty Please? I won't make fun of Steyr's Mensa thing anymore. I promise!

    (I do however plan to interpenetrate the lack of the Reputation system as an intentional sign by the moderators, that I, and other members, should continue to make fun of Steyr's Mensa thing!)

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    As an administrator of a very large vbulletin board thats localized very similar to this fourm here I would recommend you implement a plugin.

    Vbulletin4 offers a ton of options, the best in my opinion is the. "ITrader" rating system. See like here: iTrader v2.8 - Powerful Rating System

    The current system that vbulletin offers standard will not suffice and this Itrader plugin has a lot more advanced features that makes it even that more appealing!

    This will allow your community to expand its network and offer you all a safer and easier environment when securing your transactions.

    Best of luck, and if you need any help admins, feel free to ask.


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    Admins and Skidoo have said they are working on the feedback system several times. I thought we were giving them time to figure it out.

    I see no issues with continuing the Mensa mocking however.

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    The more friends you have the cooler you are.

    Mensa jokes are like making fun of a guy for having a big dick.

    Continue with the Mensa references. tiphat

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