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Thread: Hiding gun purchases from the boss

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    if i buy a weapon,i bring it in show it to the wife,she handles it,says neat,and in the safe it goes..
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    I just don't say anything if I think it's not going to go over.

    It helps to get out a few guns or items and mix the new one in to make her get used to seeing something new. If you go get a new rifle or pistol and are playing with it along with a big smile that says "new gun! xcited " , you might as well prepare for the incoming and good luck! Otherwise, if she asks the "what is that and when did you get it?", I just say "I have had that forever! What are you talking about!" lol

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    Just open a credit card in your name, and make sure to sign up for e-statements so no bills are mailed to your home. If you must, use a seperate email account to receive your e-statements, when the boss isn't looking. If the boss doesn't ever see your email account open, then your regular one is fine.

    Then, siphon off cash in whatever denominations you can and make cash payments on the credit card. That is about the easiest way to do it, and you can pay over time instead of having to make lump sum payments.

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    Re: Hiding gun purchases from the boss

    Quote Originally Posted by mxsjw View Post
    I keep my new guns out of the kitchen.

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    Re: Hiding gun purchases from the boss

    My wife asked if she could have the combination to the gun safes.
    I asked "Why, do you you want to put something in there?"

    I buy guns and watches, she buys whatever she buys.
    Separate finances.
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    won't work on my wife..

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    Re: Hiding gun purchases from the boss

    Quote Originally Posted by Steyr Shooter View Post

    Also, I enjoy sex. I enjoy sex much better with a partner, particularly my wife. I enjoy sleeping in bed, its not a huge deal because sleeping on the couch is like a camping adventure, but I also enjoy sleeping in bed. Relationships are full of give and take. She gives me shit about every thing I do, and I take it. Sometimes its necessary to bend the truth to keep the peace.

    I am once divorced myself, and I have learned from my mistakes. I imagine the guys here who have little methods of "sneaking" those gun purchases have a bit of knowledge about their marriages and actually have happy and heathy marriages, some women dont support a mans hobbies to the extent we would like them to, its just a hobby, not a huge deal. As long as we measure what we can and cant afford. I am not going to go out and buy that new $1,500 1911 if we are out of milk, have a flat tire on the vehicle, behind on insurance, etc. As long as I know that my family is taken care of and they also get something, video games for the kids, mani/pedis for the wife, etc. then I am comfortable with my purchase.
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    Re: Hiding gun purchases from the boss

    I try and hide it but my fiances grandpa is an arms dealer and when he comes over he says "How's that new gun working out for you?" Then I have to take her out to dinner hahaha

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    Re: Hiding gun purchases from the boss

    Quote Originally Posted by aclemens26 View Post fiances grandpa is an arms dealer.....
    And this is a problem how?
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    Re: Hiding gun purchases from the boss

    Quote Originally Posted by Freelancer1972 View Post
    MY wife cannot tell the difference between a 92fs and a Mossberg's easy.
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