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Thread: Random Number Generator

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    Random Number Generator

    There is a cool random number generator at the following link. I had no idea where to put this thread.

    You can also customize it and embed it in websites. I am not sure if we do enough of the drawing things to need it, but at least having this link availabe to those people who conduct the drawing in which a random winner is chosen might be a benefit. I went to the site, customized the numbers from the first to the last entrant starting with #2, since the OP is the first post, then found the last post and used that number for the top constraint. Helped and was easy to do.

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    We use it on our site all the time for our big 'Pay it Forward Section'. Works very well!
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    For a PIF (drawing), we typically use this page:

    Just type (or copy/paste) the names of the entrants into the box, then hit the "Randomize" button and it will give you your final product, with the winner at the top, second-place right below him, etc.

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