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Thread: Rearrange the "SGN READ THIS FIRST" section to top of forum.

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    Rearrange the "SGN READ THIS FIRST" section to top of forum.

    I haven't been here long, but I know that each forum has its own rules and how things are done. Recently I've been noticing a lot more people who don't seem like they've read any of the "read before you post" threads, and you can see countless examples of that in the "For Sale" sections (e.g. excessive bumping and replies, asking questions in threads, not providing enough info, etc.). Basically a lot of chaos, though to be fair it's hard to expect everyone to abide by all examples of the rules, or know them for that matter.

    IMO... solution = 100 red font size "READ ALL OF THIS FIRST" at the top of the forum.

    Maybe get some people some brains as well.

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    There is a giant blue banner that runs across the top OF every section of this board that says "READ THIS FIRST" It has the guidelines and the updated sales section rules. There are also the board announcements and the reference section that people should read to see what's going on with the board. Some people can't be bothered to actually check any of those sections but instead send a PM or email.

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