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Thread: SGN Tiered Subscription membership info thread

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    Re: SGN Tiered Subscription membership info thread

    Quote Originally Posted by coal View Post
    IMO the post was making the same juvenile comment many high(er) post counters make on forums: low post count = newb = opinion that does not matter. I've always felt those that say the most often have the least to say. No one has yet to actually answer my question. I've been on free gun forums for some time. Feedback on SGN was wiped with the switchover. I've never had trouble selling anything online via the many free forums available. SGN was free, easy and it worked well. Other forums remain free, easy and they work well. Simple as that.
    That's understood. Newb's have some good things to say, but sometimes it might be better if they took some more time to feel out the site before making comments criticizing its' function. And a free site is a tough thing. Without serious sponsorship there isn't any money which makes it all volunteer work. Sometimes even the best volunteers get tired of all work, no play and no money.

    This thread's gotten quite a ways out of hand so I'm gonna bow out respectfully. Just didn't want to leave your comment hanging as I do appreciate your opinion too. I say let's get back to the guns boys!
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    Re: SGN Tiered Subscription membership info thread

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