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Thread: Final Tiered Memberships Changes Are Completed

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    Re: Final Tiered Memberships Changes Are Completed

    Quote Originally Posted by Robinett_11B View Post
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    No it is not, it is the dark side

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    Re: Final Tiered Memberships Changes Are Completed

    It's right here it.
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    Re: Final Tiered Memberships Changes Are Completed

    Quote Originally Posted by Skidoo View Post
    The silver membership was originally going to be a forum viewable membership only without any posting capability, but with the option to buy off the classifieds, but after having a week to watch the forum and review member feedback, I have made some changes to the silver membership. I have set all the permissions and have changed the criteria. I increased the pm's from 20 to 30. Far as the forums go, you cannot post in the classifieds, wanted section, services offered section, but can post in the discussion forums. The pit, nsfw and political forums are only viewable by paid subscription. You can also buy from the classified section by pm'ing the seller, you just cant post a for sale thread, wanted thread, services offered thread, without upgrading.

    I know this wont satisfy everyone, but I feel it is the best thing for the board and SGN moving forward. I cant say enough about the members who have stepped up and offered memberships to the board, says a lot about the kind of members we have here.
    I think you found a great balance of features for free vs. paid memberships. It is a sign of a good leader to reflect and respond to suggestions that improve the system and I commend you for seeing through all the bitching and finding the good suggestions within.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shaggyoak View Post
    just went gold, no complaints here, but I might suggest offering a year subscription option. I'd rather just pay the $24 for a year and be done with it.
    If I'm not mistaken, I think that Norm said in one of the other threads that purchasing more than once will just add on to your membership length, so you could buy 4 quarters now and they would be consecutive not concurrent, which is good.

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    Re: Final Tiered Memberships Changes Are Completed


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    Re: Final Tiered Memberships Changes Are Completed

    Quote Originally Posted by TacticalAssault View Post
    Instead of complaining about a free site why don't you try reading the fucking board announcements and the reference section.
    Somewhere in kenya a village is missing it's idiot!!

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