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Thread: Tacoma Sportsmen's Club

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    Re: Tacoma Sportsmen's Club

    the younger RSO (matt) the one that had the ND when littlefoot and I were there is a complete fucking idiot. He always tries to correct me on shit, and tries to show off how much he knows. The last time I was there he said to me (an I shit you not) "1MOA is good on the range, but to SERVICE REAL WORLD TARGETS (who in the actual fuck says that faggy shit?) you need about one tenth a minute."

    And then continues to tell me

    "Youve gotta figure, thats about an inch at a grand. It ensures that you can get head shots at any distance."

    I shit you not, his exact words.

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    Re: Tacoma Sportsmen's Club

    I was using TSC service, even when I didn't like that trashy and snoby place, because I didn't see any other options for myself - until last Sunday, when I decided to try Renton Fish & Game Club.

    I liked that place (Renton) so much: unlike TSC RSOs, guys in Renton weren't arrogant, they were very helpful.
    The range itself (I went to rifle's 200 yd) was clean and well orginized.
    The "one round in the magazine" rule wasn't an issue for me, because I was zeroing my scope and shot slow anyway. The only inconvenience is that rimfire guns arn't allowed IN GENERAL - I have no idea why.
    But if you got a permission from RSO, then you are OK.

    It would be nice to be able to shoot rapidly there, though.
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    Re: Tacoma Sportsmen's Club

    I shoot there a lot. Never had an issue. Sure they try to give you some tips... For me thats just them being bored...
    its a low paying job... I give them some slack...

    Bottom line is just dont go there if you had a bad experience... More open lanes for me and others who enjoy shooting there...

    this was a rant about an RSO possibly breaking a kids AR... That they may or may not have...

    What would you have them do? Send the guy home with a rifle that had a round in the chamber? Not only is it illegal its dangerous...

    I think its great people rant as it lets the range know to improve things...

    but vote with your feet...

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    you know, i never had a bad experiance till last weekend.
    I took my 7 and 12 year old sons to shoot rifles and pistols, since its just down the street. I went to pay at the rifle range and asked if there was an open bench, as there were a good amount of people there. She said yes. I said, ok im gonna get my gear, i'll be right back. I come back and am told that its hunting rifle sight in day and that i cant use the range. I said, ok i'll go somwhere else, expecting a refund, as i wasnt told this before i paid. She said they dont give refunds. I said are you serious, i just paid after you told me there was an open bench.
    Well since arguing with morons is pointless, we went to shoot pistols. Then the rso at the pistol range said my 7 year old was too young and you had to be 12. Wtf. I said hes been shooting HERE since he was 5. Wtf. He was a nice old guy and he let us shoot, but i'll be looking elsewhere to shoot from now on.
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    Re: Tacoma Sportsmen's Club

    Quote Originally Posted by Walt View Post
    That place sucks, I would give up shooting before going back there. The last time I went there the guy in the wheelchair made a huge issue because I put range fee money on the counter before signing in. I was taking a friend along and wanted to pay his range fee. I knew he would try to pay mine so I was trying to beat him to it. The range guy was yelling and spewing spit while insisting that I needed to pick the money up from the counter and put it away until we were signed in. I have never been there when the guy was not making a huge issue out of something silly. I am all for safety and have no problems with a rso yelling over a safety issue. Being a jackass just for the sake of being a jackass seems to be the order of the day around there.

    Join Paul Bunyon if you want to belong to a range in that area, just south of 176th on Meridian, west side of the road. It is a much nicer facility at about the same price and may even be a little cheaper. It is a friendly group there and no TSC drama.

    Too bad about the youngster's gun, it sounds highly likely they are the ones who fucked it up.
    dont know what your smoking but it does not SUCK. The range is a perfectly fine place to shoot at. Its the idiots they hire that suck. Get the facts straight.
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    Re: Tacoma Sportsmen's Club

    I wonder if anyone from TSC management actually reads this? Well, maybe they wouldn't care.

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    Re: Tacoma Sportsmen's Club

    Quote Originally Posted by J1MB0B View Post
    Of course, the range safeties there will never ever touch my gun.
    this is why I NEVER shoot other people's guns. sometimes things happen, and I'm not going to have someone blaming me for their problems...especially if it's my fault.

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    Re: Tacoma Sportsmen's Club

    Quote Originally Posted by spikedzombies View Post
    dont know what your smoking but it does not SUCK. The range is a perfectly fine place to shoot at. Its the idiots they hire that suck. Get the facts straight.
    1/2 of the range is the range it's self, which is like every other range... Covered area, a bench and a back stop. The other 1/2 is the people running the range. So since the basic difference between ranges is the people, so yes it does suck and sucks really bad.

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    Re: Tacoma Sportsmen's Club

    As for the malfunction, I am not expert by any means, but I have been shooting these guns on a pretty regular basis for the last 8 or so years. I think that when the cotter pin was put back in, the firing pin was to far back so it didn't engage the firing pin like it should. This is why the firing pin fell out and the bolt was stuck because the cotter pin was jammed between the carrier and the inside of the upper receiver.

    My problem is about how the rso's handled it than with what the malfunction was.
    First the rso did not do a proper functions check when it was reassembled. They would have found a problem before the round got stuck.
    Second, it should have went straight to safe when it didn't fire.
    Third, they beat it with wood blocks and a hammer until it broke. Anyone who knows enough about the gun to take it apart knows that the charging handle could not take that kind of abuse.

    One of the rso's did say that it would be illegal to drive with the round in the chamber. However, I would assume that if the firing pin is out and the upper and lower are separate, and the bolt is obviously stuck, they would be justified in driving to a place that can PROPERLY remove the round without causing more damage. We tried to tell them to take it apart before they beat on it, but Matt insisted that it would not come apart because the bolt was back a bit. Only after they broke the chargng handle did they try taking it apart. It came apart just like it should after both pins were out.

    Had they handled it like someone that knew what they were doing and not like a couple of "pencil dick sister fuckers", I sure they would have gotten the benefit of the doubt and not have been blamed.

    I am retracting my statement about still considering a membership there. After hearing what people have to say about them, I will pay a bit more and deal with different rules at a place that hires quality help.

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    Re: Tacoma Sportsmen's Club

    Not smoking a thing, my opinion is the place sucks. Again, I would give up shooting before I would go back to TSC.

    The rifle range is not much more than a mudpit. The pistol range is static and shooters will get yelled at for a doubletap, no silhouette targets allowed . The guys that work there have ownership in what customers experience. The place would be OK with different staff, but certainly nothing special. Personally, I don't care to put up with the type of bullshit that goes on at TSC and would not go back even if they changed staff.
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