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Thread: sks help/advice

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    sks help/advice

    im very new to this rifle, this is my first rifle that is bigger then a .22.
    so i was wondering what are good add-on's for it would be. there was a "dragunov type" stock on it that made it way to heavy, but some one on here was giving away a old folding stock that was welded into a fixed stock that made it a little lighter i have 2 35 round mags that go with a conversion or something? little forked piece of metal
    so can any one tell me what the best after market stock would be?
    scope or no scope dot ?
    it has the railing on a extra piece that goes over the action and a 3x9 scope that does pretty well in our back yard but that's only 5-8yard targets (im pretty new to this rifle and don't know what that piece is)
    any conversions to make it take ak mags or the duck bill ones witch would be better?
    its a yugo with the on/off valve for the gas system
    anything to make it lighter would be great
    Ive read on a few sites that these will slam fire a lot on some ammo?
    anything that would help me learn more about this rifle would be greatly appreciated

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    Re: sks help/advice

    Parts schematic:

    Stock: The "best" after market stock really depend on your taste. Some stocks are made with better quality, but most are good enough to meet the needs of a converted SKS. Sort of depends on what you like and expect from the rifle after.

    Mags: Duckbill Tapco mags work well and don't require any permanent mods to the rifle. AK conversions are possible but require substantial and expensive work.

    Optics: if you use them, mount them to something other than the bolt cover. Those move enough that you'll lose zero. Choate makes a nice mount that bolts to the side of the receiver but requires permanent mods.

    Regarding slam fires, this is usually caused by a dirty firing pin. Regardless of who owned the rifle before you, it's best to break yours down completely and clean the hell out of all parts, including the bolt. Check youtube for videos on how.

    My parting 2:

    1. A stock SKS holds value better and (I think) looks better. The sites are built for combat abuse. Zero the gun once then toss it in the trunk. Chances are it will shoot fine for ever. Still, build the gun you want to own. In America, we can do that.
    2. Be mindful of 922r compliance. Once you change parts on an imported rifle, you are federally required to change a bunch of parts (thank you gun industry, NRA, and government!). Check this site to learn about 922r compliance, and find on the page a calculator for which parts qualify on the SKS. Uncheck the parts you wish to replace and notice below the list when you're compliant:

    The SKS is a great rifle. Congrats on acquiring one, and good luck with your project.

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    Re: sks help/advice

    I would think about doing nothing to it for awhile, since it only holds 10 rounds and doesn't accept a magazine, it's not on ban list. I would buy all the stuff for it but do nothing to it until this thing mulls over. (definitely buy the magazines now)

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    Re: sks help/advice

    Are we serious right now? Why is this posted in "Site Suggestions and Support?" Are people getting so lazy they are just posting threads anywhere now? We have a gunsmithing forum as well as a General Firearms Discussion forum where this should have been posted.

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