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Thread: Just another Howdy...

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    Just another Howdy...

    Names Ryan, been lurking for a little while now and I really enjoy this site so far. Not much to say about me... Love my guns, my wife, and my freedoms/rights (thank you troops). You won't find me starting trouble as I am pretty laid back. Anyways I look forward to wheeling, dealing, and good convo... thanks for having me.

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    Re: Just another Howdy...

    Welcome to this place, I really like the order you listed your loves in ;).........
    Dan G
    2nd place is just first loser

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    Re: Just another Howdy...

    Welcome to SGN! Feel free to post something stoopid so we can give you a serious razzing! It makes our days that much more enjoyable picking on news guys!

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    Re: Just another Howdy...

    Welcome to the party. Good to see another member in the North ish region!
    Quote Originally Posted by Dreadi View Post
    If you guys are swapping meat, OhShoot is definitely interested.

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