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Thread: have to log in every visit?

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    Re: have to log in every visit?

    I have a 15.6" diagnal screen on my laptop, I have to look really close just above the top left corner of the red banner for State Farm and I can just see the top edge of the "remember me" box. With the precision of a blind Ninja I place my cursor on that top edge of the "remember me" box until it highlights and click.

    9 out of 10 times I end up being redirected to the link for the State Farm banner, the other time I get the "remember me" box to highlight. Unless I clear my internet cache I stay logged in.

    Disclosure: I am in no manner making light of any person(s) physical disabilities nor did you hear any of this information from me, I try not to be one to gossip
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    Re: have to log in every visit?

    Considering it takes an incredible ten whole seconds to login, wow what a travesty. Seriously this is an issue!!?

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