Greetings, first post on the site.

I have a small collection of guns. Got started with a Krag .30-40 Carbine that I inherited from my Granddad more than a decade ago. Then I added a CZ-452 Scout to introduce my kids to target shooting. That was over 10 years ago, and the little Scout (which has been upgraded to a full-sized stock) is still my favorite gun.

After that, I took up trap shooting so I added a 1967 Winchester 101 with 32" barrels and a Winchester 20 gauge pump for the boys. Then I bought 1954 M1 Garand from the CMP to do occasional CMP matches out at the Renton Fish & Game Club. And recently, I added a nice 9x18mm EG Makarov pistol to my small collection.

I joined the site because I've decided to part ways with the M1 Garand. It's a beautiful gun (I also have a really nice period correct modern stock from Dean's Gun Restoration), but I just can't keep the old girl fed with affordable .30-06 ammo. I'm looking to trade it for a nice M1 Carbine which is the WWII era gun I've really wanted all along. When I purchased my Garand from the CMP, the cache of Carbines from Europe (?) hadn't been uncovered yet.

Really hoping that I'll be able to meet someone virtually on the site & work out a fair trade with someone local.