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Thread: Another Newby

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    Re: Another Newby

    welcome to the site!
    If God stopped answering prayer, how long would it be before you realized it?

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    Re: Another Newby

    Quote Originally Posted by kevin View Post
    I came to this site about a month ago so I guess I should introduce myself and try to learn the do's and don't of the site.

    I grew up on the Olympic Peninsula and lived pretty much all my life there. Like most folks from that side of the mountain I worked in the logging industry most of my young life. Times were so much different back then than they are now. The small town was much like Frontier Town and everyone had a job and money. I remember when I was about 18 years old, standing on an Old Growth stump early one morning, thinking "Life is Good." I had a job that was paying more than my Dad made (and I was still living at home.), Had a brand new 1970 Road Runner, that I paid cash for, A Beautiful Girlfriend... Like I said, "Life was Good." Hunting and Fishing on the Olympic Peninsula is Legendary throughout the U.S.A. if not the world. Huge Bull Elk and Record Steelhead are the norm. It was a great place to grow up. I never packed a pistol, never had to. Times were a Lot Friendlier and people went out of their way to help each other. If someone was without meat, there was always wild game, fish, clams, berries that was free for the taking. We always had gun case full of guns and ammo and weekends were a time to either sit at home (if the weather was bad) and reload shells, tie and sharpen hooks and if the weather was good, we were either hunting, fishing, shootingTrap/Skeet, camping or something else in the Great Outdoors of the Olympic Peninsula.

    A few years later I wrecked the car, lost the Girlfriend and the job to the Spotted Owl and instead of doing positive, worthwhile things, I took up drinking. Drinking leads to fighting and jail time, lose of your gun rights and everything else just seems to fall apart. After being convicted twice for Assault II and 10 years in State Pen, I finally stopped Drinking, went back to skool and got my Mariners License, my gun rights restored and I even have a CPL today. Life is Good again.

    I have been collecting old guns that I use to have and wanted from years ago and I love to Horse Trade guns or anything else of value that might get me my next, cannot live without gun. I, like a lot of people I talk to today, am worried that our Government is going to try force us to either Registure all our guns, give up some of the guns we already have or limit the type of gun we can buy, sell or trade for. We all know that Criminals don't play by the rules so they are not keeping these guns out of Criminals hands, they'll be taking them away from good Law Abiding citizens who do play by the rules.
    Helluva first post, welcome!

    I'm still on the peninsula, and in a lot of ways it hasn't changed...but, in a lot of ways, it sure has. The record steelhead are still here, but so are the tweakers. :(

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    Re: Another Newby

    Really welcome!!
    45 + rating, so between that and my CPL, you can't trust me, thanks to I-594! Thanks WA state.

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