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Thread: GReetings

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    getting my feet wet with sgn. Not really a forum guy, but times a changin with accessibility. Hoping to build and promote positive relations in any way possible.
    my co-worker pointed me in this direction to famaliarize me in the firearm community regarding outdoor ranges,events, and local trading. I'm 28 love to hike, paintball,play with my dogs and just be outdoors and have fun with friends.
    my current arsenal consists of ( baby stuff)
    a Rossi snubbie blued finish in .38 - couldnt aim with this thing at first- shot it like a semi auto. then my buddy slapped me with the term "belly gun"
    a surplus cz 82 in 9mm mak -just spruced it up a lil by giving it a a new spring kit, hard to find ammo , real accurate plinker though
    a basic kimber custom ii with night nights- 1st gun purchase, and first weapon ever shot... . loved it lol
    and a mossy 590 with heatshield and tacstar forend for home defense
    and yes i have my washington concealer pocket papers

    in the neartime future when i have the appropiate gwap i hope to pick up a beefy lever action rifle with scope, and hopefully a bushmaster AR in 308
    anyways, hats off to the armed services and i'm off !! cheeers!

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    Re: GReetings

    Great intro. Welcome. can't wait to see some pix of the hardware!

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    Re: GReetings

    Welcome to the site

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