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Thread: Finally Checking In

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    Finally Checking In

    Hello everyone. I joined last summer, but this is my first post. A bro at work told me about this place and I've been meaning to spend more time here. There's just never enough time to hang out...

    Not sure what's a typical introduction....I've been into firearms for nearly 20 years now. Started with handguns for self defense and the hobby took off from there. I worked part-time on a well known range in Bellevue for 3+ years (during the y2K freak-out) for fun and to help pay for the hobby. I spent way more there than I ever earned, but at least I got the employee discountand first pick at the classes. As with any hobby, my interest has been up an down over the years. I've been slowing getting back into the sport the past year and have started having fun with it again.

    Looking forward to contribute as I can...

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    Re: Finally Checking In

    Welcome to the boards!

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    Re: Finally Checking In

    Welcome, umm, errr, ......welcome back !!!

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