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Thread: Disappearing posts.

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    Re: Disappearing posts.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pablo View Post
    Ball Stank is a real issue.
    It's basically athlete's foot - Tinactin and such will cure it. Hygiene is usually all it takes to
    prevent it under normal conditions. Abnormal conditions include grinding old sweat into your
    skin until it permeates the epiderm where the fungus breeds beneath the surface... such conditions occur
    on events like 2 day bike rides where your skin is abraded by the friction of your sweaty shorts
    rubbing against the bike seat.

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    Re: Disappearing posts.

    Do we really need two posts talking about ball stank? Now mediumrarechicken will be smelling his bike seat to check for residual stank.
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    Re: Disappearing posts.

    Bait and switch! I have successfully avoided the other thread, but read this one because it seemed like it could contain useful or entertaining info.

    And what topic gets discussed? Bait. And. Switch.
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