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Thread: N.E.G.S., 7/13 UPDATE W/ Map/List

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    N.E.G.S., 7/13 UPDATE W/ Map/List

    Ok guys, so after the response I've gotten so far, looks like the 13 of July will work. Lets go ahead and plan on that. Of there is some opposition, then the 27 is the other option. Let it be known if you can make either day.

    So here it is, this summer's North End Group Shoot. It will be at the same spot as last time. Medford Mtn, east of Sedro-Woolley. I wil get GPS coordinates and a map up to the pit soon. Once again I will tow my smoker up there and cook a bunch of meat. Last time to potluck was a success, so lets try that again. Post up what you are going to bring for food. We will need tables, plates, drinks, not just food. Just tell us what you can help with, I will also be taking donations to cover the cost of meat if that is how you'd like to contribute.

    I will be up there early cooking and setting up. Shooters welcome any time, until whenever. Plan to eat about 1-130. It would be realy nice of some people would like to stop shooting with enough time to maybe do a bit of a clean up. This out could use it. Also, with the large group we will have we could do a lot in a little time. So truck, trash bags, rakes, shovels and the like should be great too. Lets show them fun owners care about our shooting spots.

    I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff, but post up your questions and I will be happy to respond. A definite "IN" would be great too, and I will update this post with a list of attendees and their contributions.

    Lat: 48.545301

    From Sedro-Woolley at SR 20 and Township Rd. Head east on SR-20 for 10.4 mi. Turn left on Cabin Creek Rd. Go 0.2 mi. Turn right onto Hamilton Cemetery Rd. Go 0.4 mi. Turn left on Medford Rd. Go 1.1 mi to trailhead. At trailhead stay to the left and follow rd over creek and up the hill. Stay left at the Y and proceed through gate into the pit.

    If anyone needs better directions or just to touch base for meet ups or whatnot, here is my number. Feel free to call, may or may not have reception in pit. Text works just fine, may be your best choice.
    Kyle 360-708-3199

    AS of right now, this is a list of the guys who are DEFINITELY coming and what they are bringing. I also know many of you plan on making it but I dont have for sure "in" with what/if youre bringing anything. Also, many of these guys are +1 or 2. Should be a very good shoot as of right now. Please help me and pm people and get them to update this list so we can get everyone involved and have a better idea of who is bringing what.

    List of wh0/what

    AR500 Steel Silhouette Target (for distance rifle shooting)
    Tannerite (To be used appropriately)
    Melons for the S&W 500
    $$$$ for the Meat Fund
    Beer for AFTER we shoot
    Trash Bags for site cleanup

    Smoker and meat
    Grape salad for a side/dessert
    Trash bags, rake, shovel and tools for clean up

    some homeade chili (w/bowls an spoons)
    a big gong target
    2 folding banquet tables
    a few folding chairs
    trash bags
    beer for AFTERWORDS @ Kyles place
    [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]10x10 EZ-up shelter for shade

    hot links
    $ for meat

    BBQ sauce
    Paper Plates/plastic ware

    Meat $$

    Meat $$

    Cooler full o' drinks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreadi View Post
    If you guys are swapping meat, OhShoot is definitely interested.

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    Re: North End Group Shoot, interest?

    Sounds Good!

    Washington CPL.
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    Re: North End Group Shoot, interest?

    WOnderful, Never shoot outside other than at ranges....been wanting to go....this may be my calling.

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    Re: North End Group Shoot, interest?

    I'll definitely go if I'm not working. I'll bring the wife and daughter also. This time I actually have some ammo so that isn't the problem this time.

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    Re: North End Group Shoot, interest?

    I shall make the voyage North....IN!

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    Re: North End Group Shoot, interest?

    I'd be down.

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    Re: North End Group Shoot, interest?

    Food and guns... Im in.

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    Re: North End Group Shoot, interest?

    I would go if it wasn`t such a long drive to that pit, is there anything closer to me we could shoot at?

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    Re: North End Group Shoot, interest?

    I will be there.

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    Re: North End Group Shoot, interest?

    I'm already hungry. IN!!!!

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