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Thread: Packing Heat at Starbucks tomorrow??? (Aug. 9)

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    Re: Packing Heat at Starbucks tomorrow??? (Aug. 9)

    I actually cc for the most part, but with the warm weather, my XDS in my iwb holster is not covered by an overshirt. so I guess in my case, it's a semi cc, oc.

    The more people who see a firearm carried in a responsible manner will be over the "shock" of an evil gun in public. It also provides an opportunity to educate those that may be curious and ask about it. Those that are anti gun are entrenched in there position and will never change. Those who are ambiguous can come away with a positive attitude if exposed on a regular basis without incident.

    While I agree that packing an AR into a Starbucks may not be the best approach, the fact that it was done without the media hyped predictions of absolute carnage is in fact a plus. Once again, the only people it really pisses off are those that hate guns and the people that own them. I think it best if we don't join in their outrage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bronco75 View Post
    "In your face" ridiculous displays are a methodology of the left as well. Congregating at a Starbucks with weapons is no different than the Black Panthers standing out in front of a voting booth. The 2nd Amendment is already under attack and events like this do zero to help the cause. If you open carry everyday....I have no problem with that. I honestly do not see any benefit to it Vs. Concealed Carry...but the law is the law. However, when it is done simply to prove a a business that is a known Liberal establishment....thinking you are somehow rewarding Starbucks for their defense of the 2nd Amendment...when in reality you are just fueling the Liberal asinine. Even of the largest gatherings yesterday was planned in Newtown, CT. Starbucks shut that location down yesterday out of respect to the community. I mean seriously? That is on par with Westboro Baptist Church at Military funerals. Yesterday's events put us a step further back...not forward.

    Starbucks Corporate Statement on Open Carry in their stores from 2010 (still most recent posting on the subject in their newsroom)

    Starbucks Corporate Statement regarding closing of Newtown, CT store on 8/9/13
    Another reason to why I won't go to starbux. What a bunch of cowards.

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    Re: Packing Heat at Starbucks tomorrow??? (Aug. 9)

    Quote Originally Posted by MADrtcw View Post
    The people who are neutral; are the people we need to convince we're the good guys and to vote with us. I also believe this open carry at starbucks does not put those people on our side but the on the side of the anti's. Expressing 2A rights to the point where everyone is pissed off at us will only result in laws being passed to restrict us even further so not caring what people think is not caring about "our" 2A rights IMO
    Well said...

    in your face activism will only lead to people remembering these issues when ballot time comes....

    It achieves nothing but threatens the status quo..

    People who don't like guns won't suddenly buy guns because you open carry.... it will only make them fear it more...

    These people become gun owners when they are exposed to gun at a time of their choosing and in a controlled environment such as a gun range... Starbucks is not where they will convert....

    so all it really does is shove the status quo in their face and dare them to change the law....

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