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Thread: New from Skyway

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    Re: New from Skyway

    Quote Originally Posted by Gabba Gross View Post
    I like the idea of manitory training of some sort to get a ccw
    I like the idea of no training or permit required to carry however you want, valid for the entire country. I don't see bystanders getting hit by citizens in the news, but I see cops shooting bystanders regularly. Vermont hasn't turned in to a murder field, but has no licensing requirements at all for concealed carry.

    The 'free or cheap classes taught on LEO's dime' would be on the tax payer's dime. WA already has some of the best mental health records integration with NICS of any State in the union.

    Laws will not protect you from that dumb ass at the range - if he is muzzling people he is ALREADY BREAKING THE LAW.

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    Re: New from Skyway

    So you say there is "gun violence" just as their are auto accidents but why is it that when a drunk driver gets in an accident everyone blames the drunk driver, yet when a crime is committed with a gun people blame the gun?

    A gun is a tool much like a shovel or a hammer. A gun can't shoot someone on it's own much like a hammer can't pound a nail and a shovel can't dig a hole. It needs a HUMAN to operate it. If any of those tools are in the hands of a sane and good person they are used as they should be. If any of those objects are in the hands of the mentally ill or a criminal any of them can be used to kill.

    Again, it is not "gun violence." It is just violence when the violent offender happened to use a gun instead of a knife, axe, hammer, crowbar, fists, etc.
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    Re: New from Skyway

    Welcome Aboard

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