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Thread: Hello from Bellevue

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    Re: Hello from Bellevue

    Welcome, good to see a dad who can teach the kids about guns.
    "Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed." - Joseph Stalin

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    Re: Hello from Bellevue

    Shit!.... You mean we are supposed to teach our kids stuff? Man, I really missed the boat on that one.

    Welcome to the site. I used to be a tabletop addict, but had to give it up. Can't have more than one or two expensive hobbies and shooting guns in the woods is more entertaining that shooting lascannons across the table at piss-ant orcs.... haha
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    Re: Hello from Bellevue

    Welcome, hope you enjoy the site

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    Re: Hello from Bellevue

    Quote Originally Posted by Grutch View Post

    Im a 40 year Dad from Bellevue. Besides firearms, I enjoy Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Jiu Jitsu, video games, and I play nerdy toy soldier games like warhammer. Im a professional artist and video game developer with 20 years experience in the entertainment industry.
    Geez, are you my twin brother (except for the age of course, I'm 42)
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