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Thread: what is going on with the site lately?

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    Re: what is going on with the site lately?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bronco75 View Post
    Just a side of the toy manufacturers I represent recently had all of their websites stolen. They were Russian hackers and they hacked into the accounts on GoDaddy and changed all of the ownership and billing information and now GoDaddy is making them get an attorney and PROVE that they are the actual owners of their own sites. These hackers have been making a killing by doing this and then offering to sell the owners back the site for $10,000 - $15, it is much cheaper than having to hire an attorney to get them back for you.

    GoDaddy has also refused to speak with the Toy Company directly and will only correspond through their attorney. This coupled with our recent Tunisian friend I think shows the lack of security GoDaddy has for their hosted sites.....

    just food for thought....
    This is yet another good reason why I just moved my 18 domains off GoDaddy and on to Namecheap. Also enabled two factor authentication on my domain management (username/password and SMS text code). Without physical access to my cell phone it is basically impossible for them to hack my domain account.

    I read a news article last month about a guy who got his domain hacked from GoDaddy. The hacker didn't even use a computer, he called up GoDaddy customer service and with some clever social engineering convinced the agent to hand over personal info. Once he got control of the domain, he then took control of the guy's domain e-mail by changing the DNS servers. He then submitted a password reset through Twitter, Facebook, and PayPal to gain access to those accounts. It was a very sad, and eye opening, chain of events, and GoDaddy was absolutely zero help. They simply kept denying any involvement or responsibility. The way the guy ended up finding out the story was the hacker contacted him and after being paid off go the full story on the hack.

    So yeah FUCK GO DADDY and don't give them a dime of your money.

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    Re: what is going on with the site lately?

    Huge +1 for Namecheap for domain registration. I've been using them for many years, great prices and first class service. There have been lots of stories about Godaddy screwing domain owners.

    For hosting, I currently recommend Linode. Great reputation, and great service and no over-selling of capacity. Slicehost is very good too.

    I've been hosting websites for many, many years (although at my current employer we have our own data centers). I've used EC2, Textdrive, Rackspace, EngineYard, Dreamhost, BlueHost, etc, etc., depending on what the situation demands. On one of those shared servers I once listed all of the top-level domains being hosted on the same server, it was over a thousand. On one server. Any one of those domains gets linked to by a top social site for example, you go down with them. Someone runs a ruby script that goes out of control and sucks the CPU, you get hit too. A good virtual hosting setup ensures you have dedicated resources including proc no matter what.

    Sorry to rant on, its not my place to tell anyone what to do and its not my intention, just had to share my $.02. For the record, I haven't had any problems accessing SGN at all. :)

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