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Thread: Search function doesn't work well

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    Search function doesn't work well

    Is it me, or does the "Search" function need tweeking.

    Try it. Type in something you KNOW is here. You probably won't find it using Search, and you'll get a lot of garbage.

    For instance, type in "594." I get "no results." Oookkkaaayyyy... I know there are plenty of hits.... is it just the fact that it's too few characters?
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    Re: Search function doesn't work well


    Sorry, no offense but this has been a gripe with the site for years. You're better off searching for it on google and including the site name. It's broke, been broke and staying broke.
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    Re: Search function doesn't work well

    vB and most other forum platforms won't search for just #'s or only a few characters. Instead of 594, type in Initiative, or I-594, I594, etc. Also, make sure to use the "*" wildcard in your search to get more results. So "i594*"
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