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Puer tea is awesome for upset stomach I have found.. but an acquired taste for the western palate, I would imagine.
The problem with the 'western palate' as you put it is that the great majority of puerh available to the western market is of sub optimal quality. To put it kindly. :-) I would go so far as to say that probably 99.9% of the puerh sold in the western markets is not worth drinking. What I sell is puerh that takes up that other 0.1%. Once you try the good stuff, nothing else really compares. Most tea companies in the US don't really know what quality puerh is supposed to taste like, but it's a hot buzzword in tea biz now. They will buy whatever is sold to them. The Chinese will sell their worst tea to the US because people here don't know any better. That's why my wife and I go to China each Spring to source it all ourself.