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Thread: First Pistol from the Key Peninsula

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    Re: First Pistol from the Key Peninsula

    Damn guys right on, thanks for all the input!

    I haven't completely ruled out .40, but from what I've read it's the worst of both worlds between a 9 or .45. To be fair I probably should shoot a box though just to see what I think. Also I had thought something like a G23 with a conversion barrel for 9mm might be worth considering.

    Reloading, yes sir! I'm all about cutting out the middle man, DIY, start from scratch, self sufficiency. I've already looked into reloading a little bit it just makes sense unless you're made of money. Not thinking too hard about it though I figure I'll just start by saving the brass from my first 1000 cartridges or so and go from there. Hadn't considered the safety factor of a low pressure cartridge either, any excuse to talk myself into investing in .45 is fine by me.

    The VP9 seems like the gotta have it 9mm of the season and as such I probably wont get the value or right price for one anytime soon. I WAS just looking at the PPQ, which looks like an attractive alternative to the G19, minus maybe the availability of holsters, mags etc.

    I think I just need to shoot a little bit more and keep an eye on the classifieds for a screaming deal on something which can do the trick. Every gun is a compromise right? Renting isn't THAT expensive either, $20 for the whole case any caliber at Bullseye, and $15 at federal way discount (free on Wed) , but if any of you guys ever think you're headed out to Dewatto or anything with your collection I can definitely bring the ammo.

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    Re: First Pistol from the Key Peninsula

    The VP9 is worth the extra cash over the G19 IMHO and I never thought I would RECOMMEND an HK because it has a better trigger than something else.

    If you are in the $500 price point...check out the S&W M&P lineup. They have been the best shooter for me out of the Glock, XD and M&P. All three are very reliable pistols that would be great for the range and also carry/home defense.

    Welcome to SGN!!!

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