I bought this originally as a new ADL model, had the barrel neutered down to 18" and recrowned to 11 degrees, and I bought a Boyd's ADL walnut stock and finished with Truoil.
Stock has been glass bedded, non professionally, using stocky's pillar bed kit.
This rifle is extremely lightweight and you can carry it in the woods all day without a sling.
Round ct is somewhere around 75 rounds.

Now for the extas..
Brand new SPS stock and the complete bottom metal, so can be converted back to a hinged floor plate rifle, if you so choose.
Extra set of ADL bottom metal (plastic trigger guard) and extra spring and mag follower.
Also comes with a 2 piece set of Burris mounts. I originally had a rail on it, but had these laying around, so decided to toss them in.

$500.00 obo

BTW ladies and gents, its also already been trained, to take deer down!