I have a lightly used Kriss Vector 45acp (CRB with Tactical Package)
Rifle works reliably with no issues.
About 500-600rds through the rifle.

Asking $2,500
(Buyer covers transfer fee at their preferred ffl)

Will be willing to travel anywhere between Seattle to Tacoma area.

I have spent just over $3,000 for this setup.

Selling because it just sits in the safe and collects dust.

This is a GEN 1 rifle.

Things to know, gen 1 uppers are compatible with gen 2 lowers and parts.

Gen 2 Vectors cannot accept internal light kit (part of cost savings in gen 2)

Tac Pack contents include:
-Tactical Sling (still new in package)
-sling mount (new)
-Grip pod (this is higher quality version with metal inserts)
-Midwest Industries Iron sights
-Surefire light kit (light, mount, pressure switch) (new, unused)(as mentioned, not compatible with gen 2 guns)
-Eotech 512

Additional Mags:
-2 x 13rd OEM gen 4 glock mags (new)
-2 x 30rd OEM gen 4 glock mags with Kriss ext kit (new)
-2 x 30rd OEM gen 3 mags with Kriss ext kit. (Lightly used)

Would prefer to sell, could consider trade options:
(+/- cash to be negotiated)

-M1A 18" Scout

-M1A National Match

-Arsenal AK in 7.62x39

-FNP 45 Tactical

-HK Mark 23

Let me know if you have any questions or want a specific picture of the gun.