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Thread: FS FT: Half Price Robinson XCR-L Piston Driven Rifle With Folding Stock and Loaded with Upgrades

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    FS FT: Half Price Robinson XCR-L Piston Driven Rifle With Folding Stock and Loaded with Upgrades

    Reduced Price. Don't miss this opportunity to pick up a great rifle at half price at just $1,200 for cash purchases. The Robinson Armament XCR is a piston driven design that is very similar to the SCAR or ACR. Though I've not seen the XCR as much in the U.S., the rifle is very popular in Canada, while distribution in the US, seems to be more limited. In those areas of the U.S. where consumers have been able to use and learn about the XCR, there seems to be many happy owners. The XCR's piston driven platform is extremely reliable, easy to clean and maintain, and very accurate. The XCR has a folding stock, a quick change barrel system with conversion kits for .300 BLK and other calibers available. Unlike the ACR however, the XCR is not made of polymer but rather is made entirely of metal, including the very rugged and tough FAST stock. The XCR has a monolithic rail system as the upper receiver and the forend/handguard are a continuous single piece.
    I have owned this rifle since late 2013 and have put somewhere between 500-750 rounds down range with it. As mentioned above, this rifle comes equipped with the FAST Stock as shown in the pictures, however I also purchased the ACE Skeleton stock for the XCR and this second stock is also included. Though the skeleton stock is lighter, I personally prefer the FAST stock, which I find to be superior to the various stocks that are available for the SCAR or ACR. The FAST stock not only extends to one of six positions, but it also has an adjustable cheek riser. The r rifle's trigger has also been upgraded with Robinson's 2-stage match trigger which provides a pull weight of 3.5 lbs with a 2 lb. first stage and a 1.5 lb. second stage. Relative to the 5.5 lb. single stage stock trigger, this upgrade greatly improves accuracy and rate of fire. The stock single stage trigger is also included. Another upgrade that I've added is the compensator/muzzle brake, which mitigates muzzle rise. Finally, the stock pistol grip has been upgraded with a Hogue rubber pistol grip and I have added Magpul "Pro Gen 3 flip-up backup sights. The total value of these extras and upgrades is just over $600. The rifle has a quad rail system, (though you'll notice in the pictures that I have rail covers over the rails), and a 16" chrome lined barrel. I have plenty of additional pictures so please let me know if you'd like to see them or if you'd like to check this rifle out in person.

    Robinson XCR-L in 5.56
    Robinson FAST Stock
    ACE Skeleton Stock
    Robinson 5.5 lb. Single Stage Trigger
    Robinson 3.5 lb. 2-Stage Match Trigger
    Magpul Pro Gen 3 Flip-Up Sights OR YHM Flip-Up Sights
    Magpul Rail Covers
    Single Point Sling and Sling Attachment
    Compensator/Muzzle Brake

    Though primarily looking to sell, there are some trades that I would consider. Items that I would consider are listed below and of particular interest are Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glock 19s. Price for any trades shall be $1350
    If you are interested in having the rifle shipped to your local FFL, please ask and I am happy to accommodate you.

    Trades I would be interested in include:
    Glock 19 Gen 3 or Gen 4
    Other Glocks
    Over/Under 12 Ga. Shotguns
    CZ Scorpion 9mm
    Sig MPX 9mm
    Savage A17 HMR
    FN SLP semi auto shotgun

    Asking Price: $1,200
    Click image for larger version. 

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