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Thread: ar500 armor plate shooting targets.for sale or trades...

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    ar500 armor plate shooting targets.for sale or trades...

    [IMG]5511918_01_ar500_armor_plate_shooting_tar_640.jpg[/IMG]Ar500 armor plate shooting targets for sale or possible trade..will trade for shop tools. welding items. drill press chop saw, guns anything cool.
    10 INCH GONG-------------------------------------------------------------------$55.00
    12 INCH AR500 GONG---------------------------------------------------------$65.00
    new ar500 auto popper targets(spring loaded) auto reset target-----$75.00
    new 2 piece base 4 paddle dueling tree-----------------------------------$200.00
    new 2 piece base(comes apart) ar500 6 paddle dueling trees -------250.00
    new 10x20 tactical ar500 silhouette with stand -------------------------$200.00
    i also have package deals:
    one 6 paddle dueling tree and one poppertarget-----------------------$300.00
    one 6 paddle dueling tree and a 10x20 silhoutte w/stand------------$425.00
    one 6 paddle dueling tree, 10x20 silhoutte w/stand and a popper-$500.00
    all targets are made with 3/8'' ar500 armor plate.. the targets can handle up to a .308 round..for sale or trade. welling to trade for fare value. i make these my self an have sold 100's of them over the last couple years... if you are interested contact me at 253 545 9193 call or text. FOR A FASTER RESPONCE TEXT ME.. EMAILS COULD TAKE DAYS FOR A RESPONCE. AS I DONT USE MY EMAIL MUCH..have a great day. located in Puyallup wa
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