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Thread: first time buyer-what pistol should I start with?

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    Re: first time buyer-what pistol should I start with?

    Get the gun you can shoot accurately and fits your hand.

    You have a cpl, don't leave it in the truck.

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    Re: first time buyer-what pistol should I start with?

    In my prior post, I should have also said "and buy a Glock 9mm". I think there are 4 to choose from depending on your needs: full size G17, compact G19 (possibly the best selling pistol on the market), subcompact G26, and ultar-compact G43)

    I do recommend that first time shooters start with striker-fired 9mm. Stiker-fired because of the simplified "manual of arms" (e.g., fewer things to learn) and 9mm because it's very effective and controllable. While I'm "a Glock guy", there are several very capable options on the market: H&K VP9, Sig P320, Smith & Wesson M&P, Walther PPQ M2, Ruger American, and Springfield Armory XD. These are all "inspired by" the Glock.

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    Re: first time buyer-what pistol should I start with?

    I've owned about 50 pistols in my life. Glocks are great. 1911s are great. Smith and wesson revolvers are fantastic.

    Get a pistol that feels right in your hand. The brand has a reputation for a great warranty. Ruger is a good one for that.

    Avoid Taurus. Their revolvers are trash.

    You want accuracy? 1911s are fantastic. (but you have to have the hammer back for the first shot, first shot is single action, then it's semi-auto)

    You want quick defense? Glocks don't have safety switches to worry about. (point and shoot if a bullet is in the chamber)

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    Re: first time buyer-what pistol should I start with?

    I agree with all the advice given so far: Get a safe, try many guns. My first pistol choice: stock Glock 19.
    I'd also say that if you don't live alone, lay down the law: It's your gun. No one touches it, ever, w/o expressed permission and in your presence.

    One thing not mentioned yet: if you're a newbie, take a class.

    I have a personal rule: if I think I won't learn something new by taking another "Introduction to Semi-Automatic pistols" or "Introduction to Handguns," course, I need to put my guns away until I get off my high-horse. Experiences are shared in classes, along with mechanical instruction and one can always learn something from personal experiences being shared.


    PS: I took classes at Wade's in Bellevue and from Insights Training in Issaquah. The Firearms Academy in Chehalis is popular with a few of my friends. I just haven't made the time to find out for myself.

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    Re: first time buyer-what pistol should I start with?

    Decide how you want to carry. A Glock 19 is a great weapon, but not if you want to pocket carry. A S&W 5-shot revolver is a great weapon as well, but if you carry in a briefcase or backpack you can get a lot more firepower.

    Not to get into a knife-fight in my first post, but I'd stay away from 1911's as a carry gun.

    1- They are heavy. Even a Kimber CDP(really compact and really expensive) is about 33 ounces loaded(8rds). A Glock 19 is 29 ounces loaded(16rds).
    2- They are expensive. A reliable, light-weight 1911 will set you back $700 used. You might catch the occasional Colt, Kimber or Springfield for $500 used but that is the exception. Gen 3 Glocks can be routinely found for under $400. In fact, there is a G22 on the handgun board for $400.
    3- Capacity- Compact 1911- 7+1 for a 1911, 15+1 for a glock 19. Yes, I know, most engagements are within 7 yards and over in 3 rounds according to the FBI. The fact is that in most engagements only one person has a gun. Within 3 rounds the guy without a gun is dead or has run away. I shoot very well. I would still much rather have 16 rds and only need 3.
    4- Ease of operation. Even well trained men forget to flip the safety off of their 1911 under pressure. With the Glock, there is no such issue.

    I am not saying the 1911 is a horrible weapon. My first handgun was a 1911 and I have owned several since. That said, I wish I would have bought a Glock 19.

    Note- Yes there are other weapons that are light and devoid of extra safeties(M&P, Sig 320, Springfield XD), but if you are going to buy a plastic gun it's hard to argue against Glock. The design is unquestionably reliable. They are not expensive. Parts and accessories(holsters) are plentiful.

    One other piece of advice I would offer is practice. There is a lot you can do at home with snap caps. There is no substitute for putting rounds downrange.


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    Re: first time buyer-what pistol should I start with?

    I'd go to a local range where they rent pistols and shoot a wide variety and see what you like. I'd also recommend some form of formal training as well. It'll be worth it.

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    Re: first time buyer-what pistol should I start with?

    S&W or Ruger revolver.
    "He may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot but don't let that fool you. He really is an idiot."
    -Groucho Marx

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