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Thread: FREE Guns and Night Vision and More! Just Pay Shipping

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    FREE Guns and Night Vision and More! Just Pay Shipping

    or you can go to will call. Forgot your ID - No problem!

    "The LESO program is intended to support local law enforcement agencies by supplying them with excess military hardware. This is how many agencies afford rifles, armor, vehicles and other equipment. And also, as it turns out, anyone who claims to be a police officer or agency."

    “[The] GAO’s testing identified that DLA has deficiencies in the processes for verification and approval of federal law enforcement agency applications and in the transfer of controlled property,” the report continues. The GAO found that the Defense Logistics Agency, who runs the program, didn’t verify the identities of the people picking up property or even verify the amount of property approved for transfers."

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    Re: FREE Guns and Night Vision and More! Just Pay Shipping

    And the politicians are worried about the population having Black Guns from law abiding, controlled gun dealers. As usual they need to clean up their own house first. I am sure that they have handed out millions of dollars worth of military ordinance to organized crime free of charge to be either used or sold to those who would use these weapons in committing crimes on our streets.

    Bunch of Hypocrites.

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