I have a Glock 22 gen 3 package for sale. Pistol is in like new condition with a tiny scuff on the end of the stock recoil spring (which doesn't matter if you swap them out anyways). I am the original owner and got this back in 2012. I have fired no more than 100 rounds through it (I prefer my other pistols).

Comes with the following; 750+ rounds of .40 SW. Mostly factory ammo, with some factory reloads. Most in boxes still. Various quality brands, x7 factory 15rnd mags, X1 factory extended mag, extra wolf recoil spring, extended slide release, box with accessories. Price is $650 for the package.

Next is a Glock 43. Stock sites, x2 factory 6rnd mags with one having a factory finger bump. Comes with box and papers. $450 is the price. No more than 100 rounds fired through it by the previous owner (who I work with). Gun is in great condition.

My cell is 253-441-9744

looking for

-Quality .357 magnum snub-nose
-Polish Under folding AK in 7.62
-AK chambered in 5.45x39