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Thread: Hey there Hi there Ho there from MLT

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    Re: Hey there Hi there Ho there from MLT

    Welcome, .......Everett in the house.

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    Re: Hey there Hi there Ho there from MLT

    Greetings from Bow.

    You say you're a gamer. You seen the preview for Last Man Sitting? It looks dumb and ridiculous and I can't wait to play it drunk.

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    Re: Hey there Hi there Ho there from MLT

    I am not a big fan of the PUBG style battle games but I will probably own a copy of Last Man Sitting at some point. I don't mind FPS but I like there to be some story, Fallout, Borderlands, Skyrim etc.
    You can find me on Steam as FoxMaverick42

    I am more of a table top gamer, euro board games, RPGs etc
    Never smile too big, the gods may mistake it for hubris.

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