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Thread: What gun were you disappointed in?

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    What gun were you disappointed in?

    Saw this on another forum and thought I might write a blog post about it.

    Tell your stories....

    Mine is simple, a beautiful 357 stainless revolver with a vented rib it wasn't a Python, it was a Taurus model 669VR, the timing was off slightly and it shaved lead from the bullets, was in accurate and the factory could not fix it to my satisfaction.
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    Re: What gun were you disappointed in?

    Saiga .308
    Its dust cover dented brass badly while ejecting, made it non-reloadable.

    XD Compact 9mm
    Very high bore axis. Too bulky and heavy for its caliber.

    Sig P226, P229
    HK USP Compact 9mm
    Very high bore axis. Low magazine capacity for its size.

    Ruger MKIII
    Disassembly was real PITA.

    S&W M&P
    Horrible trigger (really, WTF?!)
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    Re: What gun were you disappointed in?

    The Kel-Tec KSG, it just wasn't fun to shoot and i dont believe any of the accessories offered for it would've made it any better.....however in all fairness out of all the shotguns I've triggered the only time i had fun was shooting trap/skeet with an 1187.

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    Re: What gun were you disappointed in?

    Years ago I wanted a S&W 6906 for the longest time. My brother had a 5906 with a trigger job and it was a sweet shooter. So i finally found an example that wasn't ex LEO or engraved jail property and was a low round count, super mint example. I won the GB bid, shipped to my FFL and finally picked it up.

    I was super excited, a nice minty gun. I took it over to my buddy to show it off. He's retired army & worked in the armory for a bit. He looks at it for 2 seconds and says, "the rifling is off". Whaaaaat? Sure enough if you looked close it was cut too deep on one side.

    I was able to contact S&W and they shipped it both ways for free. Fitted it with a new barrel and test fired it. Now it sits in the safe as a brand new gun. They have climbed in value over the last few years.

    So was super disappointed at first, but it's all good now!

    Notice the Rifling on the right side. Not the best picture..using a crappy phone back then.

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    Re: What gun were you disappointed in?

    I had always wanted a Ruger Mark I 22LR. I finally purchased one. Took it to the range once, pain to load. Shot OK but not great. Worst of all, it was a complete pain to disassemble to clean and a bigger one to assemble. Once I got it apart to clean, looked like it had never been apart. Sold it two weeks later. Put money towards my F-Class rifle.

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    Re: What gun were you disappointed in?

    I totally agree about the Ruger Mark pistols being a PITA to disassemble . Read somewhere long ago about them being so easy, like a " Jackknife" open to disassemble . Lol . Yeah Right : (((

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    Re: What gun were you disappointed in?

    EAA witness p carry 10mm. Ugly little gun but I had big hopes for it. Couldn't get through a mag without a misfeed. Modified all the mags with glock 20/29 followers. Spent hours tuning those followers. 1 mag functioned flawlessly. Not good enough for a carry gun and I have no use for a 3.6" 10mm pistol if I can't carry it.
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    Re: What gun were you disappointed in?

    Might be some ideas for your blog in this thread "Guns you regret buying"
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    Re: What gun were you disappointed in?

    Ruger LCP .380

    That lil cocksucker would batter the shit out of your trigger finger. Had a wicked flip to it that would cause the trigger guard to hit your trigger finger and cause it to bleed. My dad and I got to the point where we would only shoot it after applying a band-aid to our trigger fingers in the spot where the trigger guard would flip up after each shot and cut our finger. Other than being super snappy it would've been a great conceal carry piece. I suppose the snappiness would've been a problem for re-acquiring your target in rapid succession follow up shots too.

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    Re: What gun were you disappointed in?

    Remington R51

    Complete pile of shit
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