This Daewoo DR-200 rifle is in excellent condition. These rare military weapons combine the best ideas from the AR-15 and AK-47 weapons. They also use standard AR-15 magazines! This rifle features a folding stock and upgraded Falcon trigger group which is much better than the standard issue military trigger. The DR200 .223 Caliber rifle is a light weight, air-cooled, gas pipe operated, magazine feed, easily handled and capable of semi-auto fire with extreme accuracy over the effective range. The forged aluminum alloy receiver is solid, durable and guarantees longer lifetime. Bolt, bolt carrier, firing pin, piston and recoil spring in one assembly easy to strip without any tool. Rotating bolt black system. Gas operated system with gas cylinder and piston. Control of gas operation 4 positions by gas regulator rotation. O: when firing a rifle grenade L: in adverse condition M: in normal condition S: extreme heat Selector lever with two positions. Safety and Semi. Front sight post with protective ring. Rear sight-Aperture for day firing. Rear sight is adjustable in windage and elevation without any special tool.
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