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Thread: Democrats Showing More Moral Fiber

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    Democrats Showing More Moral Fiber

    Ed Buck, a "high powered Democratic Party contributor", has more than one problem. The first is a drug addition (he likes to inject and smoke meth and whatever)

    The second: a dead hooker. Well.... male "escort" in the parlance of the in-crowd.

    And look who took advantage of a photo op with the esteemed Mr. Buck:

    Strange bedfellows, she has.

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    Re: Democrats Showing More Moral Fiber

    Nothing is too strange for that angry maggot ridden rancid cunt hillary clinton, she is a slattern hag and a psychotic bitch, her only redeeming feature is how much joy she brought to my life by LOSING THE PRESIDENCY THREE TIMES.
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    Re: Democrats Showing More Moral Fiber

    Democratic Rep. Timm Ormsby of Spokane has been charged with driving under the influence after his Jeep ran off the road and rolled into a yard in Thurston County.
    Who's gonna monitor the monitors of the monitors?

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