These rules are subject to change as needed. Failure to follow the rules will result in the following:

First Warning - The offending post will be deleted if not corrected in 24hrs.
Second Warning - The offending post will be deleted AND a warning shall be issued to the offender.
Third Warning - The offending post will be deleted AND the user will be banned from participating in message board functions for a period of 3 days.
Each subsequent offense will result in longer ban periods.

1) THREAD TITLES! Make all thread titles have WTB in the title and the wanted item.
2) DELETE! If you recieve the wanted item or you decide you no longer need it, edit original thread and change title to DELETE. Update all items often.
3) LOCATION! Please post your location in your original thread.
4) DO NOT TYPE IN CAPS LOCK! Caps lock is harder to read and seems like your yelling.
5) INFORMATION! Put as much details and information about item into original thread as possible. This solves lots of questions down the road.
6) UPDATE! Update your for wanted items often. Any threads without activity over 30 days will be subject to deletion!!!