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Thread: Picture posting tutorial.

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    Picture posting tutorial.

    How to post pic's. (Photobucket)
    A tutorial by Tactical Assault.

    Step 1 - Go to
    Step 2 - Sign up. It's simple and FREE.
    Step 3 - Fill in your info and click log in. (SEE RED BOX)

    Step 4 - Make sure "My computer" is checked. (It's the default) Then click the "Upload pictures and video's" button (SEE RED BOX)

    Step 5 - A window will pop up asking you which pictures you would like to upload. You need to navigate to where you have your pic's. (Desktop, My Pictures, Etc.) (SEE RED BOX)

    Step 6 - Once you find and choose which pic's to upload click "Open" (SEE RED BOX) your images will begin to upload to photobucket.

    Step 7 - Once the uploads are complete you will see the following screen. At this point you can add titles or just click "Return to album"

    Step 8 - After you click "return to album" as mentioned in the previous step you will see the following screen with your newly uploaded pic's.

    Step 9 - Now to post your image to SGN, move your cursor over the image you want to post and a small window will show up under it.

    Step 9a - Left mouse click the bottom option "IMG CODE" (SEE RED ARROW) it should turn black. When it turns black, right mouse click. A small window will come up. Select "copy" (SEE FOLLOWING IMAGE)

    Step 10 - Once inside your post on SGN (Where you normaly post) Right mouse click after all your text and select "paste" You will then see a line of code similar to this:

    Step 11 - Repeat steps 9-10 for additional pic's. When you have copied all the image codes to your post click "Preview" this will show you what your post will look like pic's included. If everything looks good, click "Submit"

    That's it. Quick, simple and VERY important for selling items!
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    Re: Picture posting tutorial.

    Directions were spot on. Thanks. It work perfectly.

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