A Guide To Successful Sales on SGN

This is a simple guide to help you place your for sale ad in such a way as to get the most views and therefore increase your potential for a sale.

1) Description: The description is probably the most important aspect of a proper sale ad. When describing the gun for sale please make sure to include the make, model, color and caliber. While some people may know the specs on a gun there are others who don't. Also be sure to include the condition. By condition we are referring to actual wear spots, scratches, dings, etc. Using a term like 70% is not an accurate description of condition as peoples idea's of condition vary.

2) Details: Details such as ammo, holsters, cases, extra mags, etc. that are to be included in the sale.

3) Pictures: While pictures are not required here at SGN we strongly recommend posting them in your ad if you have the ability. For those of you who do not know how, you can view the picture posting tutorial HERE. Pictures increase the views to your ad and pique a buyers interest immediately. This also prevents added questions about finish, appearance, size, etc.

4) Contact info: Always remember to include your preferred form of contact whether PM, phone number or e-mail. If your location is not in your profile please remember to include it in the contact info. Including all of this info helps to inform people of when, where and how to contact you and will eliminate added questions.

5) Requirements: Please remember to include all buyer requirements such as CPL, WAC CARD, DL, etc if applicable. If you are a dealer please include that info in your ad as well. If tax is in addition or included and any required paperwork.

We here at SGN strive to make this a fun and friendly environment for you to buy, sell and trade your firearms. Above all we want to make sure that things are done in a safe and legal manner to protect yourself and others. By following this simple guide you will be able to form an informative and quality for sale ad and therefore greatly increase your chance of a sale with minimal difficulty or confusion.

Thank you from the SGN Staff.